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Check out this cute little man. Don't you just LOVE his hair?! I sure do. 

The fireman helmet and jacket are his Daddy's. 

Nick & Jane Engagements

Check out these two Love Birds! They dated in High School, and through different courses found themselves together again ten years later. Ah, romantic. :) 

Wedding pics to be posted soon!

 And when you are taking pictures of your step-brother and a close friend of yours, you tend to get MANY silly pictures. Haha!


Shaun & Becky

Just catching up on some old shoots that I haven't put on the blog yet. Sorry.
This was from December.
We braved the cold and snow, and got some cute pictures of some adorable faces.


Check out this handsome lil devil! Don't you just love those big beautiful blue eyes! 

Sister Peterson

My beautiful cousin has been called to serve an LDS Mission in Argentina. She is so excited and we couldn't be happier for her. Good luck Jordyn! You will do great!


Sam & Shaun

Ah... Young love. :)

Introducing Raxten

Such a cute family. I love Ms J's curly curly hair! She was such a doll, and our new lil man was such a trooper and didn't fuss at all. And how cute is that owl hat? Seriously?!

Lowther Family

Mr L and I have been friends for years, and it's fun for me to see how happy he is with his girls. The kiddos are so adorable and kept me laughing the entire time. Love this family!

Meet Ms T. 
She has THE MOST BEAUTIFUL eyes ever! Each one a color of their own. I love it! I could take pictures of her cute face all day.

Meet Ms A.
Such a cute little laugh and THE CUTEST 'ho ho ho' you will ever hear.

Another special daddy-daughter bond. I love capturing unplanned pictures like this... 
Gotta keep those hands warm!

Can't help but smile every time I see this picture.

Davis Family

Seriously, one of the cutest families EVER! 


 The Daddy-daughter bond sure is something special.

Kelli had this GREAT idea for the kids. I'm very happy with how it turned out.